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Share your passion.

Would you like to experience a STOWA watch live?
STOWA friends make it possible. There are worldwide very faithful STOWA customers/collectors who agreed to show their watch/ watches to you locally.
Those customers have registered here as STOWA friends. Meet up locally e.g. in a coffeebar, restaurant or in a pub and have a look at your desired watch, quite casually. The concept is really easy: You get in contact via STOWA friends here on this side. After you have choosen a collector in your town or nearby you can send him an e-mail through our webside and ask him if he is willing to meet you. You have the possibility to search here under a special watchmodel or under a region. If there is somebody near you you can contact him. After about 2 - 3 weeks we will contact you by e-mail, asking if a meeting took place. Please consider, it is totally up to you and the STOWA friend if and where you meet. As a STOWA friend you can collect points for your efforts. They can be exchanged later into valuable original STOWA goods or services. For you as a newbie at STOWA we are sure - after you saw a watch in real - it is easier to decide to own one of our high quality mechanic watches we sell for fair prices directly to you.

Stowa Friends

You are looking for a STOWA friend near by? Choose the region and watch you favour and possible friends near by will be shown to you.

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